Best Masters Thesis 2022 awarded to Mrs. Lisa-Marie Odebrecht

Lisa-Marie Odebrecht worked on her Masters thesis vom April to September 2022, which was selected as best Masters thesis 2022.
She was co-supervised by a team from Philips Research Hamburg (Dr. Nielsen, Dr. Gleich, Dr. Rahmer) and Dr. Sebastian Bader (MMIS, VAC).
Her thesis was entitled „Removal of Noise in Unshielded Multi-Coil Receiver Systems.
She studied how to remove a variety of noise signals from a novel electro-magnetic sensor system developed by Philips Research.
For this she applied different statistical and machine learning models and evaluated their performance while predicting the noise.
In addition, she developed a new technique to synthesize large amounts of training data by combining real recorded noise with a simulated signal and carrier signal.

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