Our workshop on „Artificial Intelligence and Ethics“ has been accepted for KI2021 – the 44th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Stefan Lüdtke successfully defended his PhD thesis

Grant for the explAInation project proposal from the DFG

Workshop “Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin”

Mr. Timon Felske (MSc) started working on 1st of January 2021

Paper at ECAI’20

AAIC Featured Research Session Doctor AI: Making computers explain their decisions

Ms. Sumaiya Suravee (MSc) started working on 1st July 2020

Mr. Muhammad Salman Shaukat (MSc) started working on 15th of June 2020

Mr. Teodor Stoev (MSc) started working on 15th of May 2020

Paper at BMV workshop 2020

Mr. Syed Ali Zafar (MSc) started working on 1st of February 2020

Mr. Moh'd Abuazizeh (Dipl.-Ing, FH) started working on 1st of January 2020

Mr. Hima Areti (MSc) started working on 1st of January 2020

The DigiTAl Workshop

The BehavE Project

15 Jahre MMIS

Stellenausschreibung NEISS

Stellenausschreibung E-BRAiN

iWOAR workshop will take place on September 2019 in Rostock

New institute of Visual & Analytic Computing (VAC) has been founded.

17.05.2019 Interdisciplinary Colloquium: Quantum. Cognition. Behavior.

Hattrick: Exzellenzforschungsprogramm des Landes fördert drei neue Projektverbünde mit MMIS-Beteiligung

Workshop „On AI for Aging, Rehabilitation and Independent Assisted Living (ARIAL)“ accepted for IJCAI

Workshop „AI for Internet of Things (AI4IoT 2019)“ accepted for IJCAI

42nd German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI 2019)

IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications - PerCom 2019

Talk about insideDEM during the „Liesel Beckmann Symposium 2018“ at the TU München on December 12, 2018

Call for Papers "ARDUOUS 2019 @ Percom2019"

Call for Papers "CoMoRea 2019 @Percom2019“

Job offer

Paper at KI 2018

Paper at IJCAI-ECAI 2018

German-Australian Platform For Health Research

Dr. Doreen Görß started working on 1st of March 2018

Präsentation auf dem 3. Norddeutschen Fachtag Demenz

Methodik-Workshop des Referats Bildgebung der DGBP

Research stay in Zurich and participation in the workshop "Semantic Analysis of Multiscale Health Dynamics”

Technologieabend – Daten sind das neue Öl

Presenting our research at "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2018"

Dr. Samer Schaat started working with our group on 1st of December 2017

Bewilligung des Verbundvorhabens SAMi

19. und 20. Oktober 2017: 2. Wirtschaftsforum Regiopolregion

2nd International Workshop on Annotation of useR Data for UbiquitOUs Systems (ARDUOUS)

1st Workshop on Data mining for Aging, Rehabilitation and Assisted Living (ARIAL)

World Congress of Psychiatry

iWOAR in September 2017

Best Work in Progress Paper Award