Disorientation of people with dementia is a heavy burden for caregivers – especially in nursing and care facilities. To support nurses and care givers, we are aiming at an assistive system which, based on sensory inputs, generates suitable interventions to support the people with dementia. Based on a customised sensor bracelet, we gather motion, location and contextual sensor data. Based on the recorded data and available schedules and maps of the environment, the system supports the patients to orient themselves in space and time, and supports the care givers by forwarding relevant alerts.

Short Facts

  • Title: SAMi – Sensorbasierter persönlicher Aktivitätsmanagementassistent für die individualisierte stationäre Betreuung von Menschen mit Demenz – Sensor-based individualised activity management system for people with dementia in nursing facilites
  • Sub-project at MMIS: SAMi Aktivitätsassistenz – SAMi activity assistance
  • Duration: October 2018 – September 2021 (expected)
  • Sponsor: European Union (EFRE), Operationelles Programm Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Budget: >245.000 Euro at MMIS (> 1.600.000 Euro in total)
  • FKZ: TBI-1-103-VBW-035

Collaboration Partner