Agitated behaviour of people with dementia is a heavy burden for caregivers. To support them we are aiming at an assistive system which, based on sensory inputs, generates suitable interventions. Based on a custom sensor bracelet, we gathered motion and contextual sensor data for inferring short-term activities, repetitive behaviours, and long-term progressions.

Short Facts

  • Project title: Joint project insideDEM
  • Sub-project at MMIS: Sensor-based activation level estimation and intervention selection in dementia care
  • Project homepage:
  • Runtime: September 2015–August 2018
  • Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Budget: >600.000 Euro at MMIS (> 2.100.000 Euro in total)

Resulting Datasets

Within the insideDEM projects we recorded the behaviour of people with dementia. In addition to the sensor data, online annotations based on the established “Dementia Care Mapping (DMC)” and offline video annotations of fine-grained behaviours were made.